Chroma Strength and Conditioning


Welcome to Chroma Strength and Conditioning. The word Chroma means the purity and intensity of colour. In our case we use it with respect to movement!

At Chroma we pride ourselves on helping people to create good quality movement first and foremost, thus striving to achieve the purity of movement! Once we have our athletes producing good quality movement, we add intensity to see where we can push each individuals performance, thus the intensity of movement!

Our team of coaches and allied health professionals at Chroma have a combined experience of over 20 years helping people improve themselves and overcome barriers! We are continually educating ourselves to deliver the best experience, results and to help them become the best versions of themselves! We aim to create a place where athletes of all athletic endeavours can come and receive specific coaching and knowledge to pursue their chosen venture!

At Chroma we will work with every person to help them get to where they want to get to the best way we know how! On top of this our athletes get behind each other to create an environment that feeds progression and improvement and as a team we all help each other grow!