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The word Chroma means the purity and intensity of colour. In our case we use it with respect to movement!

At Chroma we pride ourselves on helping people to create good quality movement first and foremost, thus striving to achieve the purity of movement! Once we have our athletes producing good quality movement, we add intensity to see where we can push each individuals performance, thus the intensity of movement!

Our team of coaches and allied health professionals at Chroma have a combined experience of over 20 years helping people improve themselves and overcome barriers! We are continually educating ourselves to deliver the best experience, results and to help them become the best versions of themselves! We aim to create a place where athletes of all athletic endeavours can come and receive specific coaching and knowledge to pursue their chosen venture!

At Chroma we will work with every person to help them get to where they want to get to the best way we know how! On top of this our athletes get behind each other to create an environment that feeds progression and improvement and as a team we all help each other grow!

Purity Before Intensity

Meet the team

Dean played soccer for 18 years getting to the high level is SA before deciding to follow his passion as a coach. He studied a Bachelor of Human Movement specialising in exercise science and performance. He then started building experience as a personal trainer and started to specialise towards functional training and strength and conditioning. For the last 5 years Dean has been doing courses and progressing himself as a coach to be able to take people to high levels of performance!

Qualifications Include:

– Bachelor of Human Movement
– Australian Weightlifting Federation level 2
– Australian Strength & Conditioning Level 1
– Power lifting Australia Level 1
– Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Level 1
– Unconventional Training Movement Practitioner (Including kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, power bands, mace bells, Bulgarian bags, muscle energy techniques, mobility etc)
– Crossfit Level 2 & Gymnastics
– Seminars with Sonny Webster & Max Del Santo (Olympic Lifting), Australian Strength Coach (Power lifting), Jorden Biggie Stephens (Strong Man), Simon Nieland (Gymnastics), Christian Woodford (Athletic Perfomance), Sam Hall (Powerlifting)

The wide variety of education and continued push for learning and development is the foundation of what Dean does as a coach l. Using different tools to create the correct adaptation to build performance for that individual. Dean still continues to chase knowledge with more education undertaken each year

Dean has coached athletes into victories in local crossfit competitions as well as qualifying and competing interstate. He is also coaching 6 NPL Womans League Players in the current season. Dean also still competes in crossfit competitions himself!

Sai is the resident gymnast and skill specialist of the team! Sai has always been active, following a variety of different pursuits from yoga, to boxing, to SCUBA diving as well as team sports! Her background as a coach came from years of being a SCUBA instructor, teaching rescue diving, and first aid!

Since then Sai has pursued improving herself in the sport of crossfit and seeing how far she can push as an athlete! Sai is well versed as a coach and athlete in gymnastics, olyimpic lifting, kettlebells, movement correction and much more!

– Unconventional Training Movement Practitioner (Including kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, power bands, Bulgarian bags, muscle energy techniques, mobility, sports taping, triggerpointing, etc)
– Crossfit Level 1 & Gymnastics
– Seminars with Sonny Webster (Olyimpic lifting & Eugene Tao (optimising muscle engagement), Simon Nieland (Gymnastics), Sam Hall (Power Lifting)
– Fighting Fit For Life Boxing level 3
– Pre and Post Natal

Sai has a wealth of experience coaching people as well as an athlete & helps people push their boundaries learning new skills through structured progressions!

Shankari is the resident cardio ‘Engine’! Give her a body weight piece or light loading and she will crush it! Her sporting & performance background is in athletics as a sprinter & she is now using all those skill sets to help push herself as a crossfitter!

Shankari’s interest is in learning & understanding the body. She holds a Bachelors and a masters degree. She then takes that understanding and applies it movement and her coaching to help people better understand their bodies!

– Unconventional Training Movement Practitioner (Including kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, power bands, Bulgarian bags, muscle energy techniques, mobility, sports taping, triggerpointing, etc)
– Crossfit Level 1
– Certificate IV in Fitness
– Seminar with Eugene Tao (optimising muscle engagement), Sam Hall (Power Lifting)
– Boxing level 2
– Pre and Post Natal

Shankari specialises in helping people start to understand their body when learning to move and building functional training skills and movements onto that!

Jac is our resident sportsman representing SA in lacrosse on multiple occasions! Jac is currently in his Lacrosse season where his team are pushing for a finals berth! As well as pushing himself as a crossfit athlete in local competitions!

Jac’s health and fitness background comes from over 10 years as a qualified chef before becoming a Personal Trainer with focus on movement correction and strength and conditioning for sports! He has since pushed himself to learn under coaches such as myself others to learn as much as possible and how to apply that

– Unconventional Training Movement Practitioner (Including kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, power bands, Bulgarian bags, mobility, triggerpointing, etc)
– Certificate IV in Fitness
– FTI Barbell Fundamentals
– Certificate IV in commercial cookery (Qulified Chef)

Jac is fast developing into a quality S&C coach who enjoys working with individuals to improve their performance goals wherever they are starting from!

Jacob is a bit of an all rounder but if you ask him he much prefers low rep ranges and sprint style workouts! Jacob has a history in sports, including gymnastics and team sports before his focus shifted to developing his strength, skills and capacity as a Crossfit athlete. It’s through these various training modalities and experiences in different sports where he developed his interest in learning about human movement. This interest has led him to becoming a coach and going on to studying a physiotherapy degree! This is helping him facilitate his understanding of physiology and biomechanics and allowing him to explore and these concepts in his own training and coaching.

As with all the coaches at Chroma, Jacob focuses on getting individuals to move well and use that foundation to develop strength, skills and metabolic conditioning to build the best versions of themselves!

Jacob will be working at Chroma in the classes as well as helping members with 1 on 1 coaching to progress themselves!

Qualifications: Cert IV fitness

Allied health Partners

Located in South Australia, PositiveStep Podiatry has provided professional services to the community of Adelaide since 2016.

We specialise in lower limb health, anywhere from the knees to the toes. Our experienced and dedicated podiatrist can provide a range of services tailored to your individual need.

Our goal is to help maximise your daily function whilst minimising pain, and to help you get back on your feet to take a positive step in the right direction!

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At Functional Physio SA, your speedy recovery is our priority. Our holistic approach helps patients achieve long-term wellness and improve physical health and performance.

Whether you visit us for a one-off treatment or a longer course of action, we make sure our patients play an active role in their recovery so they can remain pain-free once treatment ends.

Offering the highest standard of patient care since 2019, our team of dedicated professionals have been treating patients with integrity, devotion, and compassion. Located in Adelaide, South Australia, our mission is to help you regain function and improve your overall quality of life.

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Chroma has 2 styles of classes that we offer plus a little extra outside of our normal classes to help progress further

First we have our hour long Functional fitness style class which incorporates a mix of skill development, strength and metabolic conditioning. Our skill development focuses on body control and movement centred around gymnastics (pull ups, toes to bars, muscle ups, ring muscle ups, pistols, skin the cats etc). Strength is focused around lifting load after working on the skill and movement patterns in big lifts ranging from traditional power lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) all the way through to technical lifts in olyimpic lifting (clean, jerk, snatch) as well as plenty of accessories to these. Finally with metabolic conditioning we bring in all the different modalities from kettlebells, barbell, gymnastics, monostructural movements, even strongman and animal flow. With these modalities we modify the time domains, rep ranges, weights etc to change the stimulus on the body and train different energy systems to create different varied adaptations. All of these combine to create a well rounded training system!

Second we have our speciality classes. These include specific classes on body maintenance and mobility, Olyimpic Weight Lifting, Gymnastics. Our Olympic and Gymnastics classes are an hour entirely focused around skill development and accessories to progress peoples movements. Our Body maintenance classes are half hour classes focused on teaching people how to look after their bodies after and outside classes to get the most out of the classes and to reduce the occurrence of niggles and pain.

Chroma encourages its members to chase progression and the best way to do this is to receive personalised attention and a structed training program to progress. This is where 1 on 1 personal training comes in. We have memberships that allow you to receive personalised training in one hour sessions as part of your weekly membership as well as programming depending on the coach you work with. We have a team of 5 coaches all who have experience training and coaching functional fitness and strength and conditioning who are all constantly progressing their education and learning to make themselves better and stronger coaches! This is the option for those who want to progress as fast as possible!


* PT session prices are subject to change based on the trainer which the member works with

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